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For over 70 years, customers have counted on Haemo-Sol to provide high-quality, no scrub, residue-free detergents and cleaning agents to meet a wide variety of needs.

From our meager beginnings in a tiny one room office overlooking the New York Public Library, to distributing to customers throughout the world, Haemo-Sol has never lost focus on what is important. We continue to be passionate about providing customers with the highest quality products that are trustworthy, reliable, and cost-conscious.

In theory, cleaning seems like a an easy process – soak, wash, rinse, and dry. However, it's more than four simple steps. It's about being confidant that all dust, dirt, and debris are properly removed and, after a thorough rinse, nothing remains. Proper cleaning can mean the difference between preventing and spreading diseases; or saving and spending thousands upon thousands of dollars in manufacturing costs.

Much like the chemists, doctors, nurses, research technicians, and countless others before us who built Haemo-Sol, we understand the seriousness of the word "clean." And because we understand how important cleaning is to the many industries we serve, we will never compromise the quality of our products or sacrifice the integrity of our service to the detriment of our customers.

Mission Statement

Haemo-Sol is dedicated to providing high-quality, aqueous-based specialty, detergents and cleaning agents at a cost-effective price. In addition to manufacturing a reliable product, we seek to offer an outstanding customer service experience and timely delivery of orders. Our suite of products is sold direct to customers and through a network of dealers and sub-dealers located throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, and Asia.

How do we support our mission statement?

High-Quality Products

All of our products are manufactured under strict, certified good manufacturing practices (cGMP); and our standard operating procedures (SOPs) are monitored by the appropriate regulatory bodies. In addition, we analyze each batch of Haemo-Sol to check for any imperfections and abnormalities, and continuously invest in independent efficacy testing (see "Techincal Info").