How are you cleaning?

What are removing?
Recommended Cleaner

Manual, Soak

Oil, grease, silica dust, particulate matter

Haemo-Sol Regular or
Haemo-Sol Non- Phosphate

Ultrasonic, Machine
Oil, grease, silica dust, particulate matter

Haemo-Sol Enzyme Active


Usage Guidelines


Electronic One Sheet


Rinsability Study


Application Data Sheet Silicon Water Cleaning

Haemo-Sol's products should be used to remove protein-based wastes prior to disinfecting and sterilizing. Our detergents are used to clean a variety of instruments and pieces of equipment in many different healthcare industries.

What types of electronics manufacturers use Haemo-Sol?
What are they cleaning?

Diode/Rectifier Manufacturers

Silicon wafers
Photovoltaic Manufacturers
Solar panels
Printed Circuit Board Manufacturers
Printed circuit boards
Silicon Wafer Processing
Resins & rosins