Detergent Selection Chart

How are you cleaning?

Are you immediately cleaning instruments?

What are you removing?

Recommended Cleaner

Manual, Soak


Protein-based wastes, skin, waxes, fat, blood, biofilm

Haemo-Sol Regular
Dried on / encrusted / hard to remove blood, body fluids, tissue, and other protein-based wastes
Haemo-Sol Enzyme Active

Ultrasonic, Machine


Protein-based wastes, skin, waxes, fat, blood, biofilm

Haemo-Sol Non-Sudsing

Food & Beverage Guides

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Usage Guidelines

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Time Kill Study Regular

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Rinsability Study

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Food and Beverage Report

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Time Kill Study Enzyme Active

Food & Beverage Applications

Independent studies have shown Haemo-Sol effectively kills pathogens and bio-organisms found specifically in the food and beverage industry. Haemo-Sol's products should be used to remove protein-based wastes prior to disinfecting and sterilizing glassware, dishes, utensils, tools, and equipment.

Which food & beverage industries use our products?

What are they cleaning?

Dairy Processing Plants Glassware & dishes
Hotels/Hospitality Grinders & knives
Meat/Fish Processing Plants Stainless steel mixing vats & trays
Restaurants Plastic trays & bins
Wine Processing Facilities Scissors, scalpels, & sheers
Breweries Buckets & pails
Plastic tubing
Food contact equipment